Accretion No. 1

fullsizeoutput_cb0 Channeled Whelk with Barnacle Adornment – Last summer I found quite a number of unusual shells on our stretch of the Atlantic Coast. When I first saw this shell rolling in the surf, I glanced at it and kept walking. Then I stopped and went back for it, realizing I had never seen anything quite like this weathered, old shell. It has a rugged beauty. 


32 thoughts on “Accretion No. 1

  1. How beautiful….i love how u captured all of it’s details!! I too have never seen one of these. Honestly it looks like a very calm sanctuary to crawl in & hide from all of this bizarre uncertainty!Hope u guys are well & enjoying the summer as much as u can! LOVE


  2. Jane, you did it…captured this weathered barnacle laden crustacean beautifully! I am looking forward to seeing No. 2…No. 3…and hopefully many more!!


  3. I love the shell painting, Jane (visiting from Tina’s post, of course 🙂 ) My kitchen windowsill has an array of shells that I’ve gathered here over the years. I’m not gifted to paint though.


    • I’m a shell collector too but some of the shells that washed in last summer were very different from anything I’d seen before. This painting is the first one that I did of those shells. There will be more to follow. The types of accretions that washed in last year are not washing in this year.


  4. This painting and your accretion #2 are both special, would make a good side-by-side artwork on my wall 🙂 This is a tribute to all the shells I’ve picked up over the years ~ wonderful work.


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