Refugee of the Heart

During the four years I spent in Hong Kong, I met individuals who inspired me to write this historical novel. 

My book combines romance with intrigue to create a compelling tale of love and loss in early twentieth-century China. War will ravage Asia, and Wei-chen and Hui-lan could be caught in the cross fire.


63289222_High Resolution Front Cover_7158732


Please click here to find Refugee of the Heart on Amazon.


16 thoughts on “Refugee of the Heart

  1. Jane what a gorgeous piece !! I love the warm colors … she is just beautiful!!😜
    So excited about your book!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!😘


  2. I’m sure that’s your art work. Simply gorgeous. So you not only can write a book, you can illustrate as well. Amazing.


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  3. Hong Kong remains one of my favorite cities in the world, the history to the modern day is simply a fascinating journey and a perfect place for such a novel. I very much look forward to checking this out and wish you continued success Jane!

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