The Feminine Divine

fullsizeoutput_b2cMary, Gaia, Sophia, Our Lady of Guadalupe,Yemaja, Oshun, Ishtar, Parvati, Athena,

Kuan-Yin, White Buffalo Woman, Oya, Amma, Isis, Cybele, Our Lady of Willesden,

Asdzaa Vadleehe, Juno, Tian Hou, Artemis, Inanna, Oya, Aja, Bixia Yuanjin,Tumas,

Pachamama, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Wohpe, Our Lady of Montserrat, Sedna,

Protect us

Guide us

Springtime in Santa Fe


When you wander the side streets of Santa Fe, you turn a corner and find images like this. I painted this scene from a photo I took a year ago. The newly opened leaves, the delicate April air and the soft breezes were enchanting. Perhaps going from sea level to an altitude of 7,100 caused that reaction, but I prefer to think it was because I was in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment.

Goodreads Giveaway

63289222_High Resolution Front Cover_7158732

There will be a Goodreads Giveaway of 100 Kindle copies of Refugee of the Heart beginning April 26 and ending May 8, 2018.

This historical novel combines romance with intrigue to create a tale of love, loss and survival in early twentieth-century China. Japanese forces wreak havoc in Shanghai, and World War II looms on the horizon. When war ravages Asia, the lead characters are caught in the crossfire.

Chinatown – San Francisco

fullsizeoutput_b06Walking through San Francisco’s Chinatown is like stepping into a different world. A good friend allowed me to work from her photo, Rainy Day in Chinatown ( The deeper I worked into the painting, the more I appreciated what a unique moment she had captured. When I asked her about it, she said she has returned to that location many times and never seen anything again that approaches what she captured that day.

Gestation Period


I decided to post an unfinished painting to show the birth process of a piece. I never know quite how long it will take to finish a painting. My photographer friend Jane Lurie has allowed me to work from her photo, A Rainy Day in Chinatown. You can see this beautiful photo of San Francisco on her blog: